Kombat Arts June Recap

Joey de Los Reyes

Muay Thai

This past Weekend Kombat Athletes Brandon Trini, and Vanessa deBalen competed at  the TBA Classic in Iowa. Vanessa stepped into the ring against a tough opponent, and although she didn’t get the win this time around, she gained that much more experience for it, and we look forward to her next fight. Brandon had fought twice to take home the belt as TBA Champion for the second year in a row now. Congratulations to both athletes, and a big thank-you to Rich and Adam for cornering, to al the coaches, Kru Joey, Kru Dave, and Coach Sebastian, and to all the training partners who helped get these amazing athletes ready!

On June 9th our very own Jasmine Manebo was finally able to compete in her first fight. While she is still only 11 years old, this young superstar has been already training at Kombat for 4years now. She had an amazing performance, stopping the fight in the first round due to RCS safety. Way to go Jazi! and a big thank-you Kru Brian for coaching and cornering, and to the Kombat Teen athletes for being such great training partners.



It was a big month in boxing as well, with plenty of action on all levels. The most recent action took place in Buffalo New York, where Team Canada and Kombat took home three wins! Athletes John Micheal, Max, and Tanya Walters had great performances making both their country and Kombat proud. Thanks to Coach Socretes for leading the team to victory.

This is Tanya’s second competition this month. Earlier this month she competed in Puerto Rico as Canada’s Reigning National Champion. She put in a great performance, and gained some incredible international experience. This is one athlete on the rise, Way to go Tanya!

And of course the month kicked of with a completion close to home at the Bronze Gloves right here inMississauga. The athletes all put in great performances. In the end Kombat walked away with three gold medals. A big thank-you goes out to the coaches for the weekend Coach Leon, Kru Dave, Coach Sebastian, and coach Sweta. We also want to thank everyone who came out to support the athletes, and all the training partners who worked so hard to prepare the athletes. Great job Everyone!



Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Of course this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the stellar performances put in on the mats this month.  Mid month two of our finest BJJ female athletes Gurshan and Mariah, traveled to California for the Brazilian jiu-jitsu World Championships. We are very proud of these ladies for stepping up to this scale of competition, they put in some great performances. Way to go ladies, and thanks to Professor Amir, and all the coaches and training partners who helped these two prepare.

The month started of with a bang though in Buffalo, when the team traveled to Buffalo for the Buffalo Classic. They didn’t disappoint, bringing back a ton of hardware to add to the Kombat/King Kong Jiu-Jitsu medal count. Congratulations athletes, and of course Professor Amir on the great showing!