The Benefits of Krav Maga

The Benefits of Krav Maga

Hey Kombat Arts family this a great article detailing the benefits of Krav Maga! As you know here at the Kombat Arts Training Academy, we have our new Krav Maga class up and running. We are very excited about this program and hope to see you in class.

This article is to inform everybody about the benefits of Krav Maga. There are numerous benefits to this great martial art and we just want to keep you all informed on what Krav can give you. Keep reading below as we list some of the benefits of Krav Maga!

Get in Shape

Of course one of the top reasons to train in Krav Maga is to get in shape. Krav Maga offers fantastic workouts that will leave you soaked with sweat.

Like with Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes Krav Maga classes have a way of transforming your body. The results are fast and they leave you a happier and healthier person. You’re going to be burning a ton of calories and having fun as you learn a martial art that has real life effectiveness 

Be in Shape and be Prepared

You don’t just need to get in shape for your overall health. For any situation life throws at you it is imperative that you be in the best shape you can be to take on the situation.

Just like professional fighters prepare for their fights, you need to prepare for the worst. If you get into a real life altercation it is better to be in shape than not.

You don’t know what kind of person may try to do you harm. They could look like Yoel Romero and you will need to be the best possible shape you can be to defend yourself.

It is unlikely that this will happen, but it is better to prepare for the worst and nothing happens than be unprepared. This is a huge reason why you need to train a martial art like Krav Maga.

Improved Self Confidence

In life you need to be confident in everything you want to do. It is one of the main points to being successful in life.

Krav Maga like Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have a special way of instilling self confidence in oneself. Once you start performing the techniques and getting good at them, you noticeably get more confident.

This newfound confidence you get from training Krav can change your life. It will transition over to your personal life and make you feel like you can do anything.


Learn to Work Under Pressure

A lot of people think that they won’t freeze up until they get put under a heavy pressure situation. The reality is many are not mentally capable of handling a life threatening situation.

To be able to work under a heavy pressure situation, you have to be put in a heavy pressure situation. This is exactly what Krav Maga trains students for.

Through training in Krav, you learn how to stay calm and handle yourself in a heavy pressure situation. You will learn to respond to what’s happening and never worry about freezing up under pressure.

Real Life Effectiveness

Many martial arts teach self defense, but they have major flaws in their teachings. Take Muay Thai for example.

From a glance, Krav Maga and Muay Thai may look the same. They both practice striking. But there is a small problem in Muay Thai training.

In Muay Thai training, you are taught in a sports based atmosphere where there are a set of rules participants acknowledge. In real life there are no rules and there is no referee.

An attacker on the streets is out to hurt you and not going to respect a set of rules you train under at the gym. If you’re on the ground they’re going to kick you and if they have a weapon they’re going to use it.

Krav Maga was created for real life effectiveness. Its training is made to deal with real life situations and make you prepared for anything that could happen.

However Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are great arts to train with Krav Maga.

Weapon Defense

Going along with real life effectiveness is the facet of Krav Maga that deals with defenses against weapon attacks. If you are confronted with an attacker and they have a weapon, they definitely have intent on using it.

This is what sets Krav apart from many martial arts. Self defense techniques against weapon attacks are thoroughly practiced in Krav Maga, where others just generally teach hand to hand techniques.

Learning weapon defense is a big selling point of Krav and something everyone needs to know. Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves against a weapon.

Women’s Self Defense

Unfortunately in our society, women always seem to be a target for attack. They seem like easier targets for attackers to victimize and harm.

This is why every woman needs to routinely practice self defense techniques. Krav’s system is tailor made to give women the tools to defend themselves and walk the streets without fear.

Come Train Krav Maga

Now that you know the benefits of training Krav Maga, we hope this encourages you to come participate in our newest program.

Here at Kombat Martial Arts Academy our trainers are some of the best in the world and want to help you learn to defend yourself. Come grow with us and become a healthier and more confident person as you learn to defend yourself.

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