Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes | Kombat Arts Mississauga


For over 20 years, Kombat Arts has been sharing the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) with the city of Mississauga.

BJJ is an effective self defense system with its main emphasis on ground fighting and submission holds involving joint locks and chokeholds.

BJJ was originally intended to teach a smaller average person how to beat a larger, stronger and faster opponent in combat focusing on leverage and technique rather than speed and strength.

With a striking martial art, there is not much resistance involved. With a grappling martial art, you are fighting your opponent’s resistance at all times, and most of the time you are having to engage mostly every muscle in your body to do so.

For this reason, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an excellent way to burn calories, and, on average, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will burn around 800 calories per hour.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seeks to rapidly close the distance with the attacker, clinch, and take the fight to the ground.  Once on the ground, the BJJ practitioner seeks to dominate with superior positioning, holds and submissions.

Even though most conflicts will start standing up, they might eventually end up on the ground.

Something to consider if you are a smaller person, a female or a security or law enforcement officer, where the objective might be to prone your suspect for handcuffing.

For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions, the Professor (teacher) will make the students aware of upcoming tournaments. If a tournament is coming up, the classes’ focus will be on high percentage competition techniques and tactics. There will also be of course a lot of rolling (sparring) in these classes.

What happens if you’re not interested in competing, and you find yourself in one of these classes? No worries.  Just let your partner know that you’re not competing, and they will happily go at your pace.  However, even though you’re not into competition training, you will still benefit from the physical preparation that goes into competition training.

When you compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you enter a category that is defined by your belt rank and weight.  This is great because you get to compete against someone of similar experience and body weight.  At these tournaments you can expect to have one or many matches.  It really depends on how many people have entered your bracket.

These are some of the reasons our students love our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class:

  • BJJ is a great workout. You can choose to go nice and easy or you can really go intense and get a safe high calorie burning workout.
  • There is a belt ranking system. We have classes for beginners and advanced students.
  • It's the perfect "plug and play" martial art. In a short time you can safely learn applicable self defense techniques, spar safely and possibly compete.
  • It is a "body chess workout." This means that you have to use your smarts when you are training and sparring. When you make a move, you have to plan ahead; otherwise you may succumb to the other player's submission. Not only is it a great workout for your body, but also for your brain.