Eight Muay Thai Combos That Will Improve Your Skills!

Kombat Muay Thai

Here are 8 variations of the FOUR COUNTS, that I learned from my different Krus.

You can practice them by shadowboxing, pad work, partner work or on the heavy bag.

Feel free to DOWNLOAD.

Follow these round time and rest protocols:

3 two minute rounds with 1 min rest
3 two minute rounds with 30 second rest
5 two minute rounds with 1 min rest
5 two minute rounds with 30 second rest
Substitute the two minute rounds with three minute rounds

Follow these tips when hitting the heavy bag:

Make sure you are in a strong stance before striking, especially when kicking.

Make sure that you are in the right distance for all strikes.

Feel free to substitute for any kind of kick. So instead of the Thai kick, try a teep, or a side kick. Mix it up and see if it works.

Always keep your chin down, hands up (especially when backing away from the bag), elbows in, work some foot work and even though the bag is not “hitting” you back, still work your defense against imaginary counters.

If you need some boxing combos, try HERE

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